A great day is one you finish covered in dog hair and slobber…

I apologize ahead of time if I spend more time talking to your pet than I do you! No offense, it just seems that in most cases animals are more prone to enjoy belly rubs and baby talk than people do. I have a piece of paper buried in the bottom of some box that says I have a degree in Psychology, but I still haven’t been able to figure out where that loose screw goes in my head. Irony makes me laugh and my love language is sarcasm… And yes, that doesn't always make relationships easy, but it does make the news seem more like comedy show. I love rescue animals and the people who recuse them, but I sometimes wonder who actually gets the better end of the deal, the rescuer or the rescued… I know I did!

Chan is wonderful to work with. He has a gift in being able to make people feel comfortable while getting the perfect shots. Our family has hired to photo several special occasions and we have always been thrilled with his work! I would highly recommend him without any reservations.

-Beth P.-