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When you're in front of my camera I ask you to be vulnerable. When I look through my viewfinder I want to see the real you.  I really do understand how hard that can be. Vulnerability is a doorway to our hearts and to even to peek through that keyhole is to capture a glimpse of the soul laid bare in all it's beauty, wonder and imperfections. Being vulnerable terrifies me. When you hold out your heart to another they can either cherish it, or step on it. That's why getting to know you is so important to me. There needs to be trust when I ask you to be vulnerable in your photos. To know that I want to cherish your heart and story, and use that vulnerability to make tangible prints that will tell the beautiful story of you. 

Peaking through the keyhole of my heart... When I was a kid I hated reading, it was so hard. I had dyslexia, high anxiety and a pretty low view of myself. My dad had a huge collection of National Geographic magazines, and even though I never read one, I would flip through the pages over and over and fall in love with the people and the stories being told without a need for words. I had a huge collection of comic books too. I didn't buy them if they were too wordy, I probably didn't read half of them. I just loved flipping through and losing myself for hours in the mute stories told frame by frame in the artwork. My grandmother was a painter and chief artist for a local newspaper. When I was at her house she would let me make such a mess of her paints and charcoals, and use up as much of her art paper as I could. She always encouraged me to create. I loved my grandmother so much... That's the one paragraph version of where my love for visual stories and art came from. I love being able to craft and tell peoples' stories with emotion, rawness and beauty. Stories without a need for words.