I offer two different styles of horse and rider sessions. A mini-session is for multiple riders and horses, located at the same barn, with each session lasting 30 minutes to an hour. The mini-sessions are focused on showing the bond between you and your horse in beautiful fine-art style portraits. The mini-sessions are priced at $200 per rider, with each rider receiving an online gallery of 15 to 20 web-resolution sized digital photos that you can download and use online (not for print), and a $50 print credit. 

If you are looking for something a bit more than just a beautiful portrait then you might be looking for a story session. A story session lasts three to five hours. We will still take time to make beautiful portraits, but much of the time will be spent telling the story of you and your horse through documentary style photography showing the love and affection of your relationship in a way that can only be found in true, unposed interaction. Story sessions are $450 and include an online gallery of 70+ web-resolution sized images for you to download and use online (not for print), a beautiful photo slideshow of your photos set to music, and a $50 print credit. 

"This absolutely steals my heart! His work is amazing. He captured a moment in time and a story of sisters that will be treasured by me forever. A work of art like this is truly priceless. Chan is amazing to work with and I highly recommend contacting him to set up appointments. His equine artwork is spot on for this horse woman but the way he can get both my children and my animals to look like a movie scene together is amazing."

-Leslie W.-